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The Body Magic And Mysteries

I never get sick... true story!

For me, it's normal... Until I realized it was not.

When I was a teenager, my mom died from cancer at the age of 42. Back then, people started to project at me that I would become sick too, that I needed to go for a health check on a regular basis. They thought that I would develop the same kind of disease my mom had. The brainwashing that doctors impell on minds and bodies is strong. Hopefully it never worked on me. I thought it was weird, since my mom was a different person, with a totally different body.

Then I grew up and I became a teacher. And to my biggest surprise, everyone told me I SHOULD get sick because all the children would catch a flu or a sick stomach, but I never was. I would watch all of my colleagues go through countless episodes of various illnesses, without ever questionning the way they think. They would always tell me how normal it was, and I would think in my head: "Really??".

At the age of 36, I started taking classical dance and advanced jazz dance lessons. The thing was, there was no adult in the jazz course. So I ended up in a group filled with teenagers, who were supposevely stronger, faster and fitter than me. And again, no... After a 2-hour course, I would not be breathless nor tired... The teens were rolling down on the floor, praying for the class to end. At the time, I didn't understand why they would be tired and I wasn't.

And now, as I'm writing this blog post, I just turned 41 and I still can do the split without my body hurting at all, I can lift heavy furniture, I am really good at all sorts of physical activities  without any particular or intensive training. My question is, why would bodies become less with aging? People tell me I should do less, slow down and rest as much as I can. Oh well... I don't think that's ever going to happen. I have the ability to know what's true for my body and I never bought into that lie, which truly gives me access to a whole different reality with my body. Bodies don't degenerate. We degenerate our body with our limited points of views and judgments.

How magic is the body and how much more would it be if we just let it?

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