Talk To The Entities® is an Access Consciousness® specialty class created by Shannon O'Hara designed to create clarity, ease and ability for people with the spirit world.
That includes ghosts and so much more!

TTTE® is a set of tools and processes that will totally revolutionize your whole life.
People are born with the ability to perceive energy and spirits; it is a gift not a curse.

What if you could easily clear, communicate, receive and cooperate
with the Spirit World?

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TTTE Private Sessions

Who or what is desperately trying to catch your attention? Are you listening?
Come and join me for a private session!


House Clearing Session

Does your house feel wonky or stuck? You will be amazed by the ease and space the TTTE tools create.



Discover the Talk To The Entities & Beings Of Light books by Shannon O'Hara, founder of Talk to the Entities.


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Spirit Awareness Made Easy!


Many of you probably had experiences with ghosts, wether you acknowledge it or not. That was the case with me, and since I had refused it dynamically, it created a lot of psychological and physiologcial problems I could never fix, not matter what modality I tried, it would always come back.

What if a lot of so-called 'mental disorders' are actually due to spirit awareness? What if ghosts had an impact to your body as well? As long as you don't claim, own and acknowledge that spirits are here and they're trying to talk to you, these symptoms will never go away. And yes, ghosts exist!! You're not making it up. You're not crazy, you're just aware!

Talk to the EntitiesĀ® is a set of tools that will allow you to deal with ghosts and access your abilities with all energies.

What have you always been aware of?